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Mandelic Acid 10% Exfoliati...

* Benefits *

Mandelic Acid Face Wash will help reduce inflammation, unclog pores and reduce hyperpigmentation.
Because of its anti-ageing benefits, it will help reduce fine lines and dark-pigmented spots. Its anti-fungal benefits make it very effective to clear folliculitis and acne.


- Pour a small amount of liquid into your palm.

- Rub your hands to make sufficient lather.

- Apply on the face in a circular motion.

- Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

* Ingredients *

Aqua, Coco Betaine Coco DEA, Lauryi Glucoside, Glycerine 1,3 Propanediol Allantoin, Provitamin
B5, Mandelic Acid
Chamomile Extract
Hyaluronic Acid

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